Thank you, Sundance!

We are thrilled and honored to receive a post-production grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program for our documentary Betting The Farm!

From the release:

Filmmakers selected are working in 9 countries and represent a broad range of experience, including Academy Award-winning documentarians Roger Ross Williams and Frieda Lee Mock as well as first-time feature documentary filmmakers.

That’s us! Read the whole press release on the Sundance website.

Posted on: July 1st, 2011 by jason 3 Comments
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  1. [...] of many organizations and individuals for our first feature documentary, Betting The Farm, from Sundance to LEF to Chicken & Egg to, of course, our parents. But the latest is among the coolest: [...]

  2. Significantly, attractive submitting. Just the place is your RSS feed?

  3. Ann Tobey says:

    Wow, Good for you Cecily, i cannot wait to see this film!! Oakland is about an hour away from where i live in Northern California!

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