• Director:

    Cecily Pingree & Jason Mann
  • Format:

  • Running Time:

    85 min

Betting The Farm

Project Status: Completed
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After being dropped by their main dairy processor, a group of nine Maine organic dairy farmers tries to launch a new milk company, Maine’s Own Organic Milk. But in MOO Milk’s first year, each of the farmers is facing mounting debts and losing money every week. Can the new company succeed, and fast enough to save them?

By any normal measure of a startup business, MOO Milk has been a success. They have a product, it’s on store shelves, and some people are buying it. But because the dairy farmers involved have had to sacrifice so much income to get it started, going deep into debt in the process, the company is running out of time. The farmers need milk sales to pick up soon, or some will have to drop out of the company. Because they live in rural Maine, where national milk brands are unlikely to travel to pick up their milk, some would have to sell their cows and give up dairy farming altogether.

As financial pressures mount on the individual farmers, tensions between them, and frustrations with the slow pace of improvement, flare up. But, like it or not, they’re stuck with each other. For the farmers of MOO Milk, the success of the company is their last hope.

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